Pet (GPS + 1 year)

199.00 VAT

Spoľahlivé GPS zariadenie na obojok.


GPS for pets, a small and reliable device suitable for a collar. Includes GPS device and annual online operation.

What can a pet GPS monitor?

  • suitable for pets, dogs, cats…

How does it work?

  • The GPS device is slipped on the collar using a rubber cover. You turn on and you can go for a walk or training.

What are the main benefits?

  • immediate location on the map in case of wandering,
  • distance covered on the walk,
  • an ideal helper in search training,
  • motion sensor - gps is active only when moving, thus saving battery life,
  • water resistant - IP67 ensures long life and deployment in any terrain,
  • magnetic charging connector, no usb inputs, which are less resistant to dirt.


  • dimensions in mm 44 x 42.4 x 19.5
  • battery 800 mAh
  • battery life depends on settings and conditions of use, with active transmission is max. about 16 hours,
  • package includes GPS device, annual online operation, charging cable, collar holder.

Other possibilities of use

  • supervision of children, seniors, working in remote places…
  • call for help by pressing a button, sending an SMS or calling a known number,
  • notification if the device gets outside the defined limit, (home, work, school…)
  • speeding detection, such as a warning when walking changes to driving,
  • detection of a fall and a lying person, the device is attached to a belt and in the event of a fall - subsequent immobility of the GPS device, the device sends an SMS message or calls a known number.

In case of a request for a specific use, contact us and we will suggest the most suitable technical solution.