MINI and annual fee (GPS + 1 year)

199.00 VAT

MINI automonitoring package with a flat rate of 12 months.

Self-installing package.


The MINI package is a handy choice, providing all modern GPS monitoring functions. It offers a comprehensive overview of the vehicle and of course there is an automatic logbook. Includes GPS device and annual online operation.

What can the GPS MINI monitor?

  • Das Gerät ist geeignet für PKW und LKW, Motorräder, Baumaschinen, Wohnwagen, Anhänger, Motorroller, Geländefahrzeuge.

How does it work?

  • You install the GPS device in your vehicle, motorcycle or machine, log in to the Automonitoring system and use all monitoring functions.

What are the main benefits?

  • you know where your vehicle is now, current speed, driving direction,
  • simple and fast creation of an electronic logbook of travel tickets and documents for travel allowances,
  • Comprehensive overview of mileage will ensure significant fuel savings,
  • automatic alerts on service intervals, MOT deadlines, insurance and etc.


  • dimensions in mm 92.5 x 57.6 x 14, length of supply wires 400 mm
  • power supply 12v - 24v
  • internal battery 170 mAh
  • connection: red pin power supply (+) 12v to 24v, black pin (-) GND


Installation of GPS device MINI

  • The Mini GPS is easy to install and takes a few minutes.
  • Instructions available also on YouTube


How to install GPS device? Let's go:

  • The device connects to the vehicle battery.

  • Select a flat surface to position the GPS device, thoroughly clean and free from grease. Remove the red protective film on the underside, place the device on a clean surface, gently push and hold for a few seconds.


Connect the GPS device contacts according to the same color.

  • Slightly loosen the red battery contact nut, insert the red contact from the GPS device, pull the nut.
  • We will use the same procedure for the black contact, where we attach the black contact from the GPS device.

  • If the device is properly connected, the green LEDs light up after a few seconds and both flash within a minute.