Locus Live tracking (1 year)

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Locus maps "Live tracking"

Do you use Locus Maps on your mobile phone? Do you use all the features offered by this unique application? For you, we have the opportunity to share the online location in our system!

How does it work?

  • Locus Maps includes a "Live tracking" feature, which allows you to share your current location updated at regular intervals.
  • Automonitoring system is compatible with Locus Maps, displays your location and keeps a history of movement,
  • In our system, you can easily and quickly work with online data, sharing, history and a number of additional functions.

What are the main benefits?

  • simplicity and clarity of online monitoring,
  • arbitrary setting of regular data sending, time and distance (online location update)
  • fast and efficient sharing of your location, especially suitable for individual tourism or trips,
  • use of all system functions such as history, geo-fences, alerts, speeding, reports…

Where do you make the most of Live tracking?

  • hiking, running, cycling, skiing, traveling, water sports, geocaching…