E-bike + 1 year

249.00 VAT


Secure your new e-bike. Our GPS device offers protection and surveillance.

You will also use a number of functions for sports, travel and adventures leading to the most beautiful places.

How does it work?

The GPS device installs directly into the bike frame, is not visible and is difficult to access (unlike most competing solutions).

The device uses original OEM components of motor manufacturers for electric bicycles, our device will become an unrecognizable part of the internal motor cabling.

What are the main benefits?

  • there is no need to worry about the device and charge it manually, the main battery will take care of the power supply,
  • you know where your E-bike is, current speed, direction of travel,
  • frequent online updates and detailed route recording,
  • the backup battery will ensure operation even after the bike is turned off,
  • various warnings - when leaving home, speeding…
  • mobile application and web access,
  • export of the traveled route to various formats (gps, kml, gsr, csv)


  • dimensions in mm 79 x 45 x 19, length of supply wires 700 mm,
  • záložná batéria,
  • weight 54g (without power cord and battery),
  • online update on the map every 10 seconds,
  • route recording every 5 seconds,
  • SMS upozornění na několik čísel.

What does the E-bike package contain?

  • GPS device, backup battery, power cord,
  • online operation for 1 year (after the next year is activated for 69 €),
  • access to the Automonitoring web system,
  • mobile application for Android and iOS.

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