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All advanced features, alerts, reports on service, expenses and travel in one place. Price of the equipment 119 €


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Fuel consumption under control, a complete overview of your vehicle. Price of the facility 199 €


GPS for Electric Bike

You can see your new E-bike even if you don't have it right in front of your eyes.

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- you know where your vehicle is now, current speed, driving direction,

- simple and fast production of an electronic logbook and documents for travel allowances,

- Comprehensive overview of mileage will ensure significant fuel savings,

- Significantly reducing the lengthy and unclear voice communication with the driver while driving,

- accurate measurement and recording of refueling and fuel consumed,

- automatic alerts on service intervals, MOT deadlines, fuses and the like.

The vehicle is equipped with a highly sensitive 3D GPS device that constantly provides location, direction, speed and other useful information. You simply log into the Automonitoring system via a web browser and take full advantage of all the functions. 

The use is really simple and intuitive. Of course there is the possibility of displaying on a computer, tablet, mobile phone…

Your vehicle has a wealth of information, reports, maps and plenty of reports and unlimited movement history! unlimited movement history!

Automonitoring has a broad focus and portfolio of services. From simple requirements to complex solutions for transport companies where reliability and system quality are of paramount importance.

We offer solutions for motorcycles, cars, vans, freight, quads, snowmobiles, ATVs, caravans, trailers, construction machinery…

Of course we can monitor people and animals.

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Left side provides basic information and history of movement. In the top right margin you have the vehicle reports and basic settings in the menu. 

Display is available in 15 different languages. 

Many maps provide a really wide use.

Small and light GPS device used to monitor animals. It is suitable for your pets. It simply attaches to the collar, does not interfere, does not weigh. Water resistance and quality battery guarantee long operation.

Location and speed information is sent at regular intervals, irreplaceable when straying or lost in an unfamiliar environment. 

In your mobile phone, you can see the route, distance, altitude, speed on the map.

Of course there is a history of movement and quality maps. 

Consumption information is obtained directly from the vehicle control unit. When you look at the position of the vehicle, you have data such as the fuel level in the tank and the total mileage displayed on the trip computer. The reports provide an overview of total fuel consumption, refueling, sudden loss of fuel.

The vehicle control unit also provides additional data such as:

- engine load,

- engine speed,

- operating hours,

- axle load,

- throttle position,

- engine temperature,

- outdoor temperature.

The functions depend on the make and model of the vehicle.

GPS monitoring s meraním spotreby je vhodný pre početnejšie vozové parky kde je časovo náročné sledovať pohonné hmoty a servisné intervaly.


Map any area (home, business area, district, country…) on the map. Every exit or return to the area is recorded. 

Most common usage:

- the basis for the calculation of travel expenses, (national border crossing and time spent in a particular country - total or every 24 hours),

- supervision of loved ones, children, seniors and pets,

- time spent in a specific place: at the customer's, workplace…

Funkcia GEOhraníc ponúka viacero variácií, funkcií, nastavení, upozornení a záznamov čo zabezpečuje naozaj široké využitie.


You simply have statistics like:

- logbook (no handwriting, a few clicks, and you have finished)

- fuel consumption, mileage, business and private driving time 

- combined main information (date, time, total kilometers, driving time - standing, average speed, operating hours),

- Speed control: For example, enter a maximum speed of 90 km/h and see where the speed was exceeded,

- fuel level in the tank,

- fueling overview, fuel theft,

- total time spent at the GEOborder, outside the GEOborder

- time spent at the GEO border every 24 hours.

+ many other useful reports from which to choose the most suitable for you.  

Reports can be generated automatically for the required time period and sent by e-mail. For example, you'll receive a new report email every Monday for the previous week.

Available in multiple formats (word, excel, pdf, html)

If a vehicle is used by more than one driver, it is possible to identify them by RFID or Dallas key. You know who and when to use the vehicle, how much fuel it has been, how many kilometers he has driven, the time spent driving and standing. Of course there is a complete track record and history of movement.

A “reminder” for an important event is entered for the vehicle. In the basic overview you can see how many days, kilometers or motor-hours you have left.

For example, service (oil change) - 7200 Km remaining, MOT and EC - 95 days left. You can enter events of your choice: insurance, regular maintenance of other parts of the vehicle, refilling of refills…

The easiest way to monitor people. Download the app and your phone will also function as a GPS monitoring device. On the map, you can see your phone's current location and track history.

With this app you can track the location of your Android and iOS mobile phone online. The ideal solution if you need to share your location during a trip, or need to know where your children are.

Download the app.

The Mini GPS is easy to install and takes a few minutes.

Watch a short video tutorial.

Instructions available also on YouTube


How to install GPS device? Let's go:

The device connects to the vehicle battery.

Select a flat surface to position the GPS device, thoroughly clean and free from grease. Remove the red protective film on the underside, place the device on a clean surface, gently push and hold for a few seconds.

Connect the GPS device contacts according to the same color.

Slightly loosen the red battery contact nut, insert the red contact from the GPS device, pull the nut.

We will use the same procedure for the black contact, where we attach the black contact from the GPS device.

If the device is properly connected, the green LEDs light up after a few seconds and both flash within a minute.

Check that the battery contacts are tight and that the GPS fixture is secure.

Congratulations, you have done the installation and everything is ready.

To log in to the system use the data sent to you by email.