Taxi dispatching with mobile application

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As low as

handy mobile app

Order a taxi through the mobile app.

Notification and price calculation

Information SMS for every order.

Calculation of order price directly in the application.



Comprehensive taxi management system.

without commitment

No initial investment.

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 The vehicle can be ordered without registration, without filling in personal data.

Easy to install and easy to use. There are four language versions available. (EN, DE, HU, CS)

Applications are with your logo, brand and price list. The app automatically senses the location, the customer enters only a phone number and sends an order. All communication is secured and meets GDPR requirements.

You can download and view the customer app here

Android   iOS

The customer receives SMS notifications for each order, has information that his order has been processed, the vehicle is on the way and the vehicle is waiting on the spot.

The SMS contains the estimated arrival time of the vehicle and a unique link for vehicle tracking. The customer sees a taxi on the map pointing to the agreed location.

Just enter where and from where you need a taxi and calculate the price of the ride directly in the application. The customer can then calculate the price of the journey before submitting the order.

Automonitoring dispatching system serves for effective management and operation of taxis. It includes mobile applications for customers and a dispatching system for simple, efficient placing and distribution of orders.

Communication with drivers and placing orders is done electronically, in each vehicle there is a mobile device where information is easily displayed where the driver is driving and confirmed by clicking on the screen.

All orders are automatically saved and you have a detailed overview of drivers, mileage, number of orders, price…

System without commitment and input costs. Our goal is to offer a solution that will ensure the efficiency of your taxi service and will help in further development.

We are constantly improving the system and adding new functions according to client requirements.